Frequently Asked Questions



Who are the artists you're working with?


They're fine-artists, professional muralists & illustrators. Each artist is handpicked to join our portfolio because they've demonstrated a combination of technical excellence, high professionalism & a proven commitment to socially engaged artwork.


How long does it take to make a mural happen?


Standard pop-up murals require a minimum of 4 weeks advance notice. This gives our artists sufficient time to fully understand your values & participate in a robust revision process. More complex projects require additional time, determined on a per-project basis. 


How can we incorporate brand content into an activation?


Branding can be incorporated on things like dedication plaques/vinyls, supplies, giveaways, digital campaigns, photos, or videos. We can also provide brand ambassadors to directly engage participants. While branding will be used to inspire the artist, it will not be incorporated directly into the artwork in order to uphold artistic integrity. 


How will this work with the logistics of our event?


Our production team will coordinate all logistical information to make sure it fits into your plans. We provide frequent updates on our pre-production logistics & adapt to the needs of your venue, timing & production schedule. 


What is the price range of mural activations?


Our murals start at $3,000 & will change depending on how customized the murals are to your needs. 


How does customization change the price?


The biggest variables that change the price include: the location, number of participants, event length, partnership development, & artwork licensing.


Who paints the actual mural?


Your target audience. The artist is typically on-site adding final line-work with artist assistants overseeing the painting experience. We want your audience to have a sense of responsibility for the artwork, & invite them to paint alongside our professional team. 


Where exactly will the mural take place?


If you already have a venue, we will work with you and the venue representatives to make sure all logistics are smooth for us to produce the mural there. If you are looking for a venue, we will scout & provide locations to suit your needs. Locations can be indoors or outdoors and specific to your objectives with the mural. 


Where can I see more images of your past work?


You can view our online Lookbook at this link. As of Summer 2018 we have completed over 60 murals. Our Lookbook and our website showcase our highlights.